What you need to know

TOK Wellbeing is a company that is passionate about mental wellbeing. In response to a call from the Scottish government, we have developed a service enabling schools to record levels of pupil wellbeing.

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What do we do?

Mental wellbeing service

TOK Wellbeing provides a mental wellbeing measurement service to schools to help assess the level of wellbeing among the pupil, staff, and parent population.

WEMWBS Accredited

We have been accredited to use the Warwick-Edinburgh Mental Wellbeing Scale (WEMWBS), a well-regarded and validated measurement tool for young people and adults, to survey those in schools.

Completed in-depth report

A biannual link to an online survey (with demographic questions and the WEMWBS) is sent out to each school. Once the surveying window is complete, we analyse the data and compile a report for each school which is emailed directly to them.

Mental wellbeing service

Data will be compared between the two collection points to identify any increase or decrease in wellbeing throughout the academic year and reported back to the school via their annual report.