How it works...

TOK Wellbeing is a company that is passionate about mental wellbeing. Responding to calls by the government for schools to record wellbeing levels of pupils, we have created a service which aims to fulfil this.

how it works

It's a simple process...

Step 1

You select two weeks of the academic year for your pupils, staff and parents to complete the TOK Wellbeing survey. We recommend one week between August and December and one week between January and April.

Step 2

You will receive a welcome pack with all the information you need about your survey including consent forms for pupils, staff and parents ahead of your chosen start date. We take your data very seriously. Check out our privacy policy page for information on how your data will be handled. Click here for the Privacy Policy.

Step 3

We will send you the online link to your schools TOK Wellbeing survey. This Wellbeing survey can be completed on any device. Check out our FAQ’s to decide the best approach to maximise survey responses in your school. Click here to see our FAQs. Share this link with pupils, parents and staff. The link will be live for one week.

Step 4

We conduct a thorough analysis of your schools data and send you complete report after each survey. We will also send you an end of year report comparing the results of both surveys so you can track the mental wellbeing of you pupils, staff and parents.

Step 5

You use the results of your survey to help inform any interventions to support and improve mental wellbeing in your school. Check out our resources page if you are not sure where to start!

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